Valid until 31st March 2015

Pos. Pro­tec­tion type Prod­uct Price
1. Face shield P1 20.00PLN
2. Face shield P1.1 18.00PLN
3. Face shield P2 22.00PLN
4. Face shield P3 29.00PLN
5. Dual face shield P4/S6/o1 26.00PLN
6. Dual face shield P4/S6/w3 28.00PLN
7. Face shield P6 24.00PLN
8. Wire mesh face shield S 22.00PLN
9. Hel­met catch + face shield + hear­ing protection ZGE catch 3.00PLN
10. Anti-splin­ter glass­es (stan­dard) P5.3A 6.95PLN
11. Anti-splin­ter glass­es (sun­glass­es) P5.5 10.00PLN

The prices quot­ed in posi­tions 1 to 16 does not include VAT 23%, which should be added