Valid until 31st March 2015

Pos. Protection type Product Price
1. Face shield P1 20.00PLN
2. Face shield P1.1 18.00PLN
3. Face shield P2 22.00PLN
4. Face shield P3 29.00PLN
5. Dual face shield P4/S6/o1 26.00PLN
6. Dual face shield P4/S6/w3 28.00PLN
7. Face shield P6 24.00PLN
8. Wire mesh face shield S 22.00PLN
9. Helmet catch + face shield + hearing protection ZGE catch 3.00PLN
10. Anti-splinter glasses (standard) P5.3A 6.95PLN
11. Anti-splinter glasses (sunglasses) P5.5 10.00PLN

The prices quoted in positions 1 to 16 does not include VAT 23%, which should be added