About us

The Select company was established in 1989 as engineering company specializing in designing, engineering and manufacturing. Since 1993 our company has started activities in eye and face protection field, receiving in 1994 the Certificate of Approval no: T-01-060 issued by Central Institute for Labour Protection and gaining positive tests result in Experimental Mine Barbara with approval of using shields in coal mines with methane hazard.

The company also received required permissions which allowed usage of shields in mines on Czech Republic’s area. As for today, having an experience at designing and production, the company produces 9 types of face shields, which can be interchangeably used with most of helmets in coal mines and other branches of industries. Our main aim of Select Company is building of trust, increasing safety and protecting the life and health of people who use our face shields in their daily work. To achieve this aim we introduced in June 2005 ISO 9001:2001 quality management system.

Permanent monitoring of our products’ functioning, which are used in safety process against injuries and analysis of our clients’ needs and expectations, allows us to modernize shields, design and production of new products, which meet the highest standards according to European Union Directive 89/686/EWG.

Since 1997 we have been presenting our products on each edition of International Fair of Mining Power Industry, Metallurgy and Chemistry.

The Board of PPUH „Select” LTD.